Johnny B. Morbid

Metal / All of the Above / NJ / USA
1 MAN BAND (on all recordings from 2005 to 2007) 5 Piece Horror Assault when playing live. This band was never supposed to leave the confines of studio walls, but when people began to take an unexpected interest in what Johnny B. Morbid had to offer, things quickly changed. It was intended to be a side project of the former vocalist of a metalcore band named In Memory Of ( but it soon took on a life of its own and cast all other musical projects into the shadows leaving Johnny B. Morbid in the spotlight. As more & more people began taking interest in this project, Johnny B. Morbid recruited 3 close friends to back him up as a live act. The original line up included Johnny B. Morbid on vocals, Mak E. Mortal on Bass, Joey Cadaver on Guitar, and Tony Crossbones on drums. The first show was on November 11th 2005 at a house party where Johnny B. Morbid wound up having to double as the lead vocalist and as the drummer because Tony Crossbones had to tend to unforseen family affairs. He never played a show with the band, and the next time Johnny B. Morbid would see the stage wouldn't be until April of 2006 with a new line up consisting of Johnny B. Morbid on Vocals and Bass, Mark E. Mortal on Guitar, Archie Panic on Guitar, and Reverend Bloodbath on Drums. Reverend Bloodbath was kicked out of the band after 2 shows and then a line up was established including: Johnny B. Morbid on Lead Vocals, Mark E. Mortal on guitar & back-up vocals, Joey Cadaver on Guitar, Archie Panic on drums, and Danny Doomsday on bass, plus the occassional fill-in for Danny named Count Vlad Cadmus from a band called The Concubine ( who has become the only consistent member since officially joining the band in 2007. Archie, Danny, & Mark left the band in 2008 resulting in the inclusion of new blood. For most of 2008 the band consisted of Johnny, Vlad, Don Juan Destructo, Christmas Throat, A.C. Slayer, & Shane Deadly. This line up lasted until 2009 when Archie rejoined and we were graced with the occasional presence of Seamus O'Blivion. Johnny B. Morbid wouldn't release a new album until halloween of 2013. Johnny B. Morbid currently has 6 Full-Length CD's (How to Wake the Dead, Self Titled, Calling All Monsters, Some Things are Better Left Undead, Monsterpiece & Welcome to Die!) available for purchase at shows or through as well as iTunes,,, Napster, Rhapsody & T-Shirts, Posters, Stickers, Buttons, and Monster guitar picks are also available.